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03-06-2013, 07:54 PM
Thanks for the response. Took awhile to get back to it, but I know a little more about the game now, too, so maybe it's for the best. A couple of questions regarding your suggestions:

1. Are inertial dampers, subsystem repair, power insulators, and willpower all just completely useless? Like, it seems like it was a good strategy to just divest a few points for 3 ranks apiece as insurance against randomly getting hosed by various abilities. It's hard to tell if I actually get something out of them or not, though.

2. What's the thought behind starship sensors? Do we have regular targets against whom having improved sensors assists?

3. What are your thoughts on 3 points in Threat Control for the resist bonuses? I seem to get agro pretty easily anyway, so maybe another 4.9% resist all would help?

4. Just more of a comment then a question, which is that I know Driver Coil isn't very loved, but I very frequently appreciate the higher minimum power levels during full impulse.