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I can't even remember the campaigns but the PvP was so good I remember some battles like it happened yesterday (tho over 5 years ago). The Klinks were always my first choice to play but thought I would try the romulans because I always liked the TOS warbird (BoP). I had hopes STO would become a suitable replacement for dynaverse, and I'm still waiting.

The forum PvP is much better in STO tho.
The gist is this: Klingon campaign - you're a member of a powerful house, and you uncover a plot by your brother to disrupt the alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. You have to work to stop him from destroying Unity Station, and then later kill him in 1v1 combat between your ships.

Romulan Campaign: You're a rising star in the Tal Shiar, and engage in numerous covert operations against the Klingons and the Federation, eventually stealing a mimic-cloak device and carrying out raids against both entities posing as allies. Eventually you destroy Unity Station.

Federation Campaign: You're a member of Starfleet, working to unveil the real culprits behind the destruction of Unity Station. You eventually start working with Captain Picard to 'investigate' the Romulans, engaging in several larger fleet-sized actions against Romulan saboteurs and Romulan defenses. Culminates in a large battle involving several waves of Romulan opponents.

I liked the Federation one, mostly because it was more 'pew pew' against more enemies, and more variables as a result.