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Agreed, I have found that I must activate A2B at the start of a match, quickly switch power setting to shields, and then once the power sloshes back to Auxiliary, then I kick in TSS and HE, or any other kind of Aux power buff. Alternatively, using EPtA after starting A2B to recover from power loss seems to work, but this starts a shared cooldown with EPtS.

Also, while flying in Ker'rat and enjoying my heightened power levels and slightly reduced cooldowns, I find I'm susceptible to burst damage. Although I activate Tactical Team and Rotate Shield Frequency right before an escort unloads on me, I find that the shields are quickly reduced, and other than EPtS, I have no other shield boosting power (other than the captain Miracle Worker, but that's more of my trick-up-the-sleeve). I then use RSP and activate the other Tactical Team, but we all know that lasts only so long, before the shields are drained again - and I'm all out of options.

I had hoped that with the increase in shield power levels, that the shields would be more effective. I'm currently running MACO XII shields. Any suggestions?

Addendum - Boff layout for Galaxy-X



Extend Shields

Eng Team
Aux to SIF


This build is designed for two purposes: 1), survivability, 2) support of a team. It does 2) very well, I just need to work on 1).

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