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03-06-2013, 09:36 PM
Best thing for a BSOD is to actually write down the error number the BSOD gives you. Once you do, go to the Microsoft website and input that error code. Over the last couple of years, MSoft has gotten really good at helping with BSOD. After you enter the code, it should bring up options for you and in most cases, it will tell you exactly what is causing the BSOD. In 3 years since I have had this machine, I have gotten a single BSOD and it was from an unstable video card driver (NVidia drivers can be a pain sometimes). You might find this to be the case as well. If so, the latest NVidia drivers are actually very stable.

If it turns out to be something else, MSoft will usually give you a walk through on how to fix it or they also have a new service called "Let Me Fix It." What that does is it downloads a small .MSI to your machine. Since it's from MSoft, it's safe to run. In most cases, it will make small changes to your machine and help with stabilization.

These are just a couple of suggestions. I hope they help.

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