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03-06-2013, 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by kronplah78 View Post
Am I reading this right? 70 million ECs made in 48 hours after buying a JHDC for 70 million ECs 2 days prior?

Sorry sir, but unless you had around 600k of refined dilithium sitting in your assets to turn to zen or alternatively already had around 7000 zen sitting there to buy enough keys to sell for ECs, then you sir are either the biggest liar or the best "we sell MMORPG gold/money" website customer in the history of MMORPG's.

Oh btw, did you know if you that if you get caught by a GM/dev buying from 'EC farmers' there can be severe consequences?
It's incredibly easy to make EC -- granted easier if you've got some stockpiled..and 48 hours is a LITTLE on the "maybe" side, but not out of the realm of possibility in this game..