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03-06-2013, 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by orinz View Post
robmc, I have seen the screen shots of your load outs, I was wondering what Type of Plasma DHCs are you using? Also could the Plasma set up you have beat a Antiproton [Borg] load out on the same ship?

Thank you for your advice and help.
I am using standard Plasma dhc [Acc] [CrtD]x2

In PvE it can out preform antiprotons in raw damage due to the embassy consoles and romulan set bonuses since they only effect plasma. That gives me +175 plasma damage where there is nothing that can boost anti proton past the +150 antiproton damage. That raw damage is also reflected in the crit bonuses. Also mk xii purple plasma consoles are a whole lot cheaper then the antiproton equivalent. It is also harder to get mk xii ap dhcs where the plasma is also easier to obtain.

PvP is a different story due to higher plasma resistances due to borg based gear. It is hard to say if the plasma boost offsets the resistances. that requires more testing. These resistances npcs do not have.

The passive crit that ap has over the plasma proc does not matter to me because my global crit from the romulan boffs more then make up for that shortage.

The questions is do you pvp or pve. pve plasma is definitely preferred.

Edit: also the hyper plasma torp is useless in a PvP against a FAW Cruiser.

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