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03-06-2013, 10:49 PM

JJ Abrams' Star Trek is in fact an alternate universe.

BUT it's not quite like you might think.

His universe is very very similar to our universe, but with one slight difference: In our universe, Nero's not a total ****. In fact, he's a hero! In JJ's, Nero is a total ****.

So in OUR universe, when the supernova was expanding and Spock tried to stop it with the red matter, Nero heroically sacrificed himself (somehow, possibly pointlessly) to buy Spock some time. Spock succeeded, inadvertently destroying Romulus, and died himself.

In JJ's universe, Nero was all like "that ain't cool, I'ma go get my revenge and stuff." And therefore, OP, you are correct in your understanding of Star Trek's time travel. However JJ's universe still applies just like the mirror universe.