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03-07-2013, 12:28 AM
So, Just did a FSF Fleet Alert with the Doc, The new guy, The Suroo, and M'Shiro. WE GOT BORG!!! They died to the sheer might of the FSF and a Vo'quv Fleet Opt Asset. It was amazing. Now, I need to try my Rommie Warbirds and we need to hurry up to get T5 Mil and T3 Diplomacy so I can have Dread Reinforcements in the way of a Scimitar and a Bortasqu' War Cruiser(Which states we need to have a T3 Shipyard!)

[6/24 23:12] [Combat (Self)] Your Thalaron Pulse deals 126254 (48978) Radiation Damage to Tactical Cube. Hehe. Suck it Borg!
[10/8 15:47] [Combat (Self)] Crystalline Entity deals 98082 (147136) Kinetic Damage to you with Warp Core Breach. WUT? I blame Kurland for this and all other problems in STO.