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After some observations with the Bird of Prey Carrier pets post AI change, I've noticed one thing that does not sit well with me.

Before the AI change, I could, and on a regular basis do the following:

Step 1: Follow Mode (Causes BoP pets to cloak)
Step 2: Face an enemy and approach the target.
Step 3: Trigger attack Command, BoPs would Decloak, Activate Rapid Fire 2, High Yield 2 and proceed to Attack their target. This was very reminiscent of PVP Alpha Strike Decloaking tactics. Typically it would do the usual Shield Drop and Torpedo to hull that most PVPers experience when flying a BoP.

After the AI how ever.. it's become harder because of the change to their AI with the following observations:

The BoPs seem to have different ranges for different behaviors, but most notably, is even if facing the target, they seem to want to Swing off and fire their Turrets in order to get into an Attack Position.. Even if you have them perfectly pointed at a target. And Distance seems to play a factor regarding this. If they are near the 10km mark, it is possible to get them to follow the old tactic. But exceedingly more difficult.

While the new AI changes are useful in some respects, it seems to have hurt a usually very effective play style for the Vor'quv Carrier's Bird of Prey pets. Which originally were the most effective pets for the Vor'quv for a damaging role.

Not quite sure what could be suggested in order to get their AI either changed back, or perhaps modified even further to allow them to have the ability to pull off the BoP Pet "Alpha Strike" tactic more smoothly then they can now.. Only that I did witness the difficulty of the BoP Pet Alpha Strike while play testing my Vor'quv while in Ker'rat on both Player and non Player targets, as well as Moving and Stationary Targets.
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