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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Eh, there are various soft-canon sources for the origin of the Gorn, and details of the species and the Hegemony. There are a few inconsistencies but not near as many as with Borg origin theories...

(Most of the following information came the Starfleet Command video games, and a handful of TOS novels and comics. I backfilled the rest with my own speculation, but it seems logical especially based on in-game observations of the STO Gorn. As you know apart from TOS: "Arena" and ENT: "In a Mirror Darkly Pt. II" canon references to the Gorn are extremely scarce.)
The inconsistencies come from the source material for Star Fleet Command: Starfleet Battles by Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB).
The backstory for the Gorn in SFC is identical to that from SFB.
Problem is that not even ADB considers their material to be Star Trek.
So it's not even soft-canon.