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After dying twice to this bu...targ dung dps I just closed my game window and said to hell with it.

I am done with this mission tonight.

I don't know how the hell this mission dev expects people to defend against this damage.

Every time I get within tractor beam range it uses it and does insane damage with this, and so I tried being at range but it still does insane damage with beams and torps. I got rid of my mines the second round but that was a mistake since I have to tab back to incoming heavy plasma torps instead of my mines chasing them down more often. It was taking forever to bring down the shields enough. I switched tact boffs too from high yield / tact buff to fire at will/spread. No help there.

I tried two different sci boffs too. One with just transf shield and sci team, another sci team, tract beam....ugh.

So how the hell are you supposed to survive being hit for 40026 (I assume parens are the full damage that would have occured without resists/shields).

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