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03-07-2013, 03:23 AM
Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
That match of CSE was short lived. Interwebs decided to play silly buggers.

Nepeta IS Catnip. See for yourself:
OMG it really is!
Also, it sucks that you dced, the PuG was good, with 5 people we would have gotten optional! (4 ppl just didn't have enough damage to stop the final wave of negh'vars)

I just did my first CGE. Got in a good PuG there too. Didn't get optional there either but at least I now know what it's like on elite. Elite Armek is so lame! I didn't even break a sweat trying to tank him!

So, 0/2 optionals I needed, which sucks, 2/2 elites finished, which is great!
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