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Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
Depends on your fleet. In mine we're all so aggressive about completing projects that unless you have infinite dilithium reserves it's very hard to earn fleet marks. any new project fills up everything but the dil in under a minute of becoming available.

Granted, aggressive is not necessarily the right word. Enthusiastic might be better.

I hear that a lot on these forums, damn shame some fleets are like this, even when we have active projects that are full or in need of dilith but not fleetmarks, then all we do is stick a special project up. "host multicultyral symposium" takes 600 fleet marks 2 types common doffs an a bunch of replicatable items, real easy to fill, requires no dilith an when completes it only taks 30mins. It onky awards 5xp ineach of the tiers but that doesnt matter it allows folk to participate cheaply
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