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03-07-2013, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by errab View Post
That Elite BOP would be crazy OP (I love it)

When it comes to Hanger Support Craft all we have currently is a bunch of single target attackers.

I'd like to see some AOE variant Hanger Support Craft that we can mix and match our Hanger load outs up with.
AoE Carrier Pet will be the long awaited Elite Oberth Class FED Frigatte.

2xBeam Array (Blue)

Beam Fire at Will 3
Gravity Well 3 and Gravemetric SCi DOff (Purple)
Feadback Pulse 3

When criticaly hit it has a 50% chance to get destroyed instantly if so evryone on the opposing side is stunned (Watching a Drama Cutscene of the Oberth Exploding) the Crew of the ship that scored the critical hit loses one Crewmember permanently not to be recovered until Docked at a Station.