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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
After an incident with a troll a couple of months ago CatPhone is no longer public, but invites are readily available so long as you have a single cat toon. But we have to have visual confirmation, in-game, that you've got a cat.
And also the channel is mainly for FSF members.

From a pvp feedback thread.
Occasional sniper and mortar fire, compared to perpetual front line support, is pretty much the definition of a non-issue. I honestly can't remember the last time mortar fire or a sniper rifle secondary contributed to one of my deaths. Is it an exploit? Probably. Is it an issue? Only for the poor team who has to fight 4v5 because one of their players is busy "exploiting" his team into self-defeat.

Branflakes, any chance of getting this discussion moved to a new thread, when you get a chance?
Apparently they don't want to even keep this pvp issue in the thread itself we reported Suroo.
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