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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
The point: if they continue to do something, it's because overall, their metrics validate the practice
Frankly, any talk of Cryptic's metrics are BS as long as they continue to keep the numbers secret.

For example, they say ther metrics are saying people aren't getting enough dilithium but we have no idea how they arrived at that conclusion. Are they counting alts that haven't been touched in months? Are accounts that haven't been played in years being counted? How are the dilithium cap and fleet commitments related?

For all we know there is nothing but a bunch of yes men in the office that wouldn't challenge the metrics even if the system gave an obviosly wrong conclusion of 1+1=7, thus leading to more and more boneheaded decisions.

Hell, their metrics supposedly say not many people use tribble, but us that an excuse to ignore the reports from players that do use tribble?
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