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Thanks for taking the time to read. I've tried to keep things on track and factual as possible, as there is so much disinformation spread in chat channels. Not intentionally, but some people just assume and the info gets spread and hurts others. With this thread, any newb can atleast get setup to do STF's. If they just ask a few questions and do a few on normal to pickup the rules, they're good to go. Perhaps I will post some of the STF cardinal rules for each of them such as the 10-15% rule for infected.

P.S. As far as your placement of the word "sage". I don't think I've heard that word use outside of the use as a spice in some time. Well played sir.
Cool. For what it is worth, I once considered making a tactical officers handbook with specific builds for different roles and feature different specialized variants as well as weapon damage and armor tables with various set comparisons. Sort of a one-stop shop for old and new tac players alike. Moreover I thought it would be nice to add screenshots and some other nice "pro" things all with a distinctive ST flavor much like SpiderMike's Ship images but sadly I've never gotten around to doing so. It would sure be nice to see someone make it happen. Once all the raw data is organized then it would simply be a matter of layout and graphics. I was even considering adding a combat tactics section as well with race specific load-outs and attack pattern movements as well as team variant versions but I digress....

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