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03-07-2013, 07:45 AM
let me put this together: you play a mission on advanced difficulty, with a ship that is borderline useless for single player content (borderline, because any ship that is setup right works), with abilitys and weapon that are useless or ineffective for that sort of mission (4 of 7 weapon slots are torpedos )
I see 2x EPtAUX1...why? No HE, TSS, TT1, AUX2SIF, RSP...

and you complain that the boss type enemy, that has 1 ability that is powerfull enough (yet destroyable) to actually destroy a player ship, does so...

further you state that your setup and ship are not the point, well guess what. Abilities to counter heavy torpedos are key to this encounter, be it by destroying them or outhealing...yes outhealing is possible since as long as your shields are up the torpedos do not harm you much, period.

but if you think the game is too difficult for you from this point on, so be it. Good day sir.
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