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Originally Posted by captainwestbrook View Post
Er, okay. That did and didn't answer my question or I'm confused. To be blunt, you guys only interact with people having a ferasan or caitian character, no one else. Am I right?

And you do not possess an actual "public channel" for interaction with other kdf/fed fleets(non cats)?
Uh, we do not interact only with them, we interact with non-cats too, it's not like if you approach one of us and say "Hi" we'll say "You're not a cat, go away". It's true that the fleet and CatPhone are for cats only though (CatPhone is for non-cat toons of cats too, like sirepical, who has a Bolian but still blabs with us on CatPhone).

Now, I'm not a top member of the FSF so I can't say if the masters or the elites talk with other KDF fleets. But, to my knowledge, we do not possess a public channel...

PS: If you're a Ferasan and don't have a tail you will be considered a Ferocian servant and given a mop!
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