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Jacob: thank you captain. Helm change course for the following coordinates. Red alert.
Captain if you are in range meet us there. But do not engage or get to close.
Tucker: Copy that. Dresden out.

*Tucker vanishes.

5LY from the 3rd Fleet, the U.S.S. Dresden (a retrofitted Sovereign-Class Starship) jumps to Warp 12, heading for Mol'Rihan.*

OOC: Just some background on the Dresden.


Sovereign Class - Retrofit Project (Activated 2512)

All Assault Cruisers recalled to Utopia Planetia for retrofit. With the increasing Military strength of the Republic of United Star Systems, Klingon Empire, and Dominion Military Forces, Research Project 'Coventry' was activated.

All Regent-Class, Majestic-Class, Noble-Class and Sovereign-Class Federation Starships were split into 4 Groups for retrofit Projects: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

Retrofit Alpha - Sovereign Class:
Weapons enhanced by Omega Frame and Phaser Pulse Banks. Phaser Beam Arrays replaced by Omega Beam Arrays. 2 additional Fore and Aft torpedo launchers. Neutronium-Ablative Armour Plating. Impulse manifolds and manoeuvring thrusters updated to improve speed and manoeuvrability.

Alpha is focused on the Tactical Anti-Ship role.

Retrofit Beta - Sovereign Class:
Phaser Point Defence Grid. Improved Ablative Armour. Omega Framework. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Shields, plus AT Shields. Improved Quantum Resonance Deflector Dish and Sensor Array (Based on technology Pioneered by the Vesta Class, Aventine Refit), allowing pinpoint targeting and powerful Deflector Attacks. Also capable of Tachyon Inversion (based on technology pioneered by the Chimera-Class).

Beta is focused on the Reconnaissance and Science Support Role.

Retrofit Gamma - Sovereign Class:
Omega Framework. AT Shields. Omega Weaponry. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quincentenary Shields. Spinal Phaser Lance. Long-Range Forward Torpedo Launchers. Expanded Shuttlebays, capable of carrying the Montgomery-Class Ground Assault Craft, and Federation Falcon-Class Fighters. Targeting Systems capable of accuracy within 20 meters. Room and provisions for a full contingent of MACOs.

Gamma is focused on the Planetary and Base Assault Role.

Retrofit Delta - Sovereign Class:
After 2 years, with heavy resource expenditure on project 'Coventry', and the completion of only 6 retrofits (2 per retrofit group), Starfleet Command ordered the commencement of Retrofit Delta as a cost-effective and less time-consuming update to the Assault Cruisers.

Omega Framework and AT Shields. Improved Impulse Manifolds. Omega Beams. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Shields. Improved Ablative Armour. 1 Additional Torpedo Launcher both Fore and Aft. Updated Sensor Package and Computer Systems.

Delta is a grounded update to the original Sovereign Design as a Multi-purpose Battleship, returning the Sovereign as a viable Fleet Command Vessel.

All remaining Assault Cruisers began being retrofitted to the Delta configuration. The process took 5 years to retrofit over 900 Vessels. Remaining Assault Cruisers after this time period were deconstructed and the resources used in the Allen-Class Tactical Exploration Cruiser Development (and later Construction) Project.

The U.S.S. Dresden was the first vessel to receive the Delta Retrofit.


OOC: Okay, 'some' was a little misleading...

I went into that level of detail so if any of you wanted to use the other retrofits, you could. I limited the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Retrofits because they really are specialist vessels (and Gamma doesn't really need much of a reason. It makes the Dominion Dreadnought look KIND!) and we don't really want hundreds running about.

The Retrofits weren't specific to the Sovereign. The Regent, Majestic, and Noble all received retrofits to the same standards (Only 2 ASSAULT Cruisers received the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Retros, not 2 of each Assault Cruiser Class. Just making that clear).

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