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03-07-2013, 08:52 AM
Dilithium Refining.

8000 per day unless you are a 700 day (I think) vet. Seriously?

Ok, I realize that PW and Cryptic want players to stick around and continue playing the game instead of being able to quickly build their ships and end up bored with the game and move on to playing other games.
But, when you consider that in order to acquire the MACO space set you need a fair amount of Dilithium per piece. And that you have to get the full set BEFORE you can unlock the "Adapted" MACO set, it seems to me that we are wasting our time and Dilitium because once we have the Adapted set unlocked we are surely going to use that set instead of the Un-Adapted set.
Which now makes the un-adapted MACO set worthless because it is an Omega Reputation set and is bound.
So all we can do is sell it to the vendor for very little compared to it's cost and the effort put into acquiring it. Not to mention the wasted Dilithium.

So, you want us to have to work for the good stuff and you don't want us to be able to acquire the good stuff too quickly and end up bored with the game. Do you realize how boring it gets when you grind away at STF's and other good sources of Dilithium?
I've found that by the time I get the Adapted MACO set unlocked, I'm tired of doing STF's and everything else that's involved.

We need to be able to refine a minimum of 10,000 Dil per day.
Adapted MACO Space set= 34,000 per piece