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For what it's worth, without redesigning it from the ground up, here are the best improvements that could be made to the current UI with the least changes:

And here is the reasoning behind my changes:

And finally, here is the UI window that I would one day love to see after clicking on 'Create New Character':

I should have posted this some while back when there was still time for community feedback to have some impact on the upcoming changes. C'est la vie.

Kudos to the art team on the current character select screen, because the art is very pretty, even though I think that the original theme/concept of the transporter pad makes more sense and is better than the current 'bridge' motif. But putting aside the subjective matter of the 'theme' (beauty is in the eyes... and all that) there are a few practical things about the 'business end' of the current character select screen -- the way the interface is arranged, buttons, layout, etc -- the actual UI mechanics themselves (divorced from the background image), that could be greatly improved.

I love the game. I love the Devs. Here is my gripe. The very worst thing about the current UI is the fact that the 'DELETE CHARACTER' button is not only embedded in the character select button (a horrible design idea) but it is hidden until you have already clicked on that character. What happens if you accidentally double click on the 'delete' space when you are just trying to select that character? Is Cryptic trying to 'trick' us into accidentally deleting our characters? Embedding buttons inside other buttons is just plain dumb enough as it is -- but the delete button? I certainly hope that this issue, above all others, is improved in the new version.

These are all 'quick & dirty' mock-ups using only MS paint -- I'm sure that the Cryptic artists could do much better. I only did these to show how I wish the UI interface could be adjusted in terms of what goes where and how the character creation process works.

Thanks for taking a look. Feedback welcome.

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