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Challenge #5 - Shards of the Mirror

The Demon Emperor

A young man with black hair and violet eyes stood on the balcony of a palace, surveying the city around him and the night sky above.

His city. The capital city of his planet. The planet which was the center of his empire.

When the Terran Empire collapsed, many of its worlds found themselves under the rule of the Alliance. The world of Neo Britannia was one such world.

However, five years ago, this man, Lelouch Lamperouge, led a brutal resistance movement against the Alliance. Gaining the loyalty of his men, and employing strategies developed through playing chess, he eventually managed to force the Alliance off of the world.

The populace hailed him as a savior, declaring him the leader of their people. However, he was not done.

He proceeded to have a space fleet built, and led the forces of Neo Britannia on to world after world, liberating them from the Alliance and taking them for himself. And in every battle, he always led from the front, believing that was the only way a leader should lead.

After one year, Lelouch's territory consisted of seven planets, and he changed his name to Lelouch vi Britannia, First Emperor of the Neo Britannian Empire.

The following year, he added another fifteen worlds to his Empire, and his brutality to the Alliance Forces, Ship and Soldier alike, even after they surrendered, caused them to call him 'Demon'.

Now, five years after he had launched his initial resistance, Lelouch's Empire consisted of 125 worlds, and his enemies tended to call him the Demon Emperor. However, his subjects continued to hail him as the one who had saved them, and would follow him into the very depths of hell.

'Five Years,' he thought to himself, even as he continued to survey the Neo Britannian Capital of Pendragon City. 'Five years since I started this crusade. I never imagined that I would come this far. But I can't stop yet. The Alliance killed my parents when they spoke up against them, and the O'Brien's 'Terran Dominion' did nothing to prevent it. No, I will not stop until I have destroyed the Alliance and the Dominion, and my Neo Britannian Empire is the only dominant force among the stars.'


Lelouch turned to the open doorway leading to the balcony, seeing a woman with bright red hair and vibrant blue eyes, dressed in a crimson nightgown. He smiled upon seeing her, the woman who had been with him from the very start of his campaign, and who had become his beloved Empress only a few months ago.

"What is it, Kallen?" he asked.

Kallen vi Britannia, formerly Kallen Kouzuki, smiled back at him and said, "You should come back to bed. We have another campaign tomorrow."

"I know, Kallen," Lelouch said as he turned back to gaze over Pendragon. "I just couldn't sleep--it's been five years, after all."

Kallen stepped up beside him. "Yes," she said, slightly melancholy. "Five years since we began our campaign to punish the Alliance for killing our loved ones, and the Dominion for just letting it happen. To be honest, part of me never expected us to get this far."

"Part of me felt the same, to be honest," Lelouch replied. "But we persevered, countering the Alliance at every turn, and now look where we are--Emperor and Empress of a vastly expanding Empire."

Kallen smiled again. "And when we're done, it will be the only ruling power in the stars, right?" she asked.

Lelouch smiled as he embraced his Empress, kissing her passionately. "You know me so well, my love," he said after they parted.

"I've had five years to learn," she replied. "Now please, come back to bed. We need our rest if we're going to lead the fleet in battle tomorrow."

"And lead it we shall," Lelouch replied as he let Kallen lead him back into their bedchambers.

'After all,' he thought, 'the only ones who should kill... are the ones prepared to be killed themselves.'
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