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03-07-2013, 09:52 AM
We read it and come to the conclusion that you dont read our posts. Let me be clear: I know people leveling on Elite-Difficulty without probs, and since elite is more difficult than advanced, I come to the conclusion you simply arent fit to play on advance. There is another point: HY-Torps do massive damage, thats why they are targetable. And they wont do massive damage, if you can hold your shields up on the side, and thats fairly easy.

And to your pic: If you even try such a ridiculously -laughable- setup, we can assume the other ones arent any better. Player error is still a player error, and when you play on advanced difficulty, errors will hurt.

So dont blame anyone else that you cant do it. Look for a proper layout (which must not be the top of the top) and nuke that little warbird out of the sytem. Beam fire at will and 125 weapons energy will just do the trick.

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