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03-07-2013, 10:25 AM
Trying to be nicer than some people, but mostly they're right, your setup is.....questionable, and losing your temper on an internet board is just asking for flaming. For one, it looks like you're trying to use torpedoes to bring down shields, when in fact they're for use after the shields are down (they suck against shields). 5 or 6 beam arrays, plus one or two torpedoes will help more with the shields plus finisher. Alternately if you want a more 'direct' attack, 3 single cannons and a torpedo fore, 3 turrets aft, though on a ship as slow as what I'm guessing is a Galaxy-class, thats kinda iffy.

Second as to survival, the first rule of driving any cruiser (most ships, but cruisers especially) is to carry 2 Emergency To Shields and cycle them so that one is always on. The constant damage reduction adds to your shield longevity, plus a boost to power and a heal every 30 seconds besides. Add to that Tactical Team 1, which redistributes shield power near-instantly when under fire, and you'll effectively quadruple your shield capacity. Finally you need to always carry Hazard Emitters for hull healing and to put out plasma fires, and possibly Polarize Hull 1 to get out of tractor locks, and you'll survive much longer.

Third, don't let the torpedoes hit you, or tank when they do. You're a cruiser after all, and laughing off big hits is what you do. Eject Warp Plasma used as a barrier, or Fire At Will to shoot them down. Hit Brace For Impact and/or Auxiliarty To Structural before the impact. Buy a layer of Monotanium armor to boost your kinetic resistance (its the kinetic hit that kills). There are a dozen ways to mitigate that damage.

The D'deridex is really a one-trick pony. That tractor-torpedo thing kills a lot of new players, and the game itself is crap for information on how to deal with new situations. However, once you realize how to counter that trick, you'll realize that the D'deridex doesn't really have anything else to threaten you with. Stay calm and counter.

PS: You may want to switch your powers tray to type 4 just to get used to it. By endgame, the one you're using now simply doesn't hold enough stuff, and learning even just some of the hotkeys for your most-important powers can be a lifesaver.