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ooc: its all man

Jacob stands on the bridge of the harvest as they near the coordinates.

Jacob : Status report.

officer: Sir the fleet is still headed to our original coordinates as ordered. Sensor data is being looked at by science now and all corvets and fighters are ready for launch. Ship is at full battle status.

Jacob: very well have all fighters and corvetts ready to launch when we get in system.Also see if we have any info on those readings from any other data.

officer: aye sir

Sarah: what do you think about it?

Jacob: I honestly dont know. So lets find out if you need me i going to finish working on this suit so in case we find trouble ill be ready.
*The Dresden arrives in the Mol'Rihan System. They approach the Planet, covered in dust clouds, with the intermittent glow of lava seeping through the cloud cover.

Dresden, Bridge. Tucker is sitting in his Command Chair as the Planet is displayed on the Viewscreen.*

Tucker: 8 Billion People.

Science, have you traced that Neutrino Emission yet?

Science Officer: Yes sir. It's massive! It's also...



*The Red Alert Klaxon sounds as the Dresden raises shields and powers weapons.

In front of it, a colossal ship decloaks. It's the S.H.I.E.L.D. Franklin D Roosevelt.*

Hill *Over comm*: This is Captain Maria Hill of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Franklin D Roosevelt. Hold your fire Captain. We're not your enemy.

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