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03-07-2013, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
All tested in Qo'nos system space, for ease of hopping between ships at the shipyard.

3 uncommon mk xi neutroniums on my mirror Qin:
Kinetic: 40,7%
Phaser: 37,9%
Disruptor: 37,9%
Plasma: 37,9%
Tetryon: 37,9%
Polaron: 37,9%
Antiproton: 37,2%

Going from these observations, stacking neutroniums still seems the way to go... I am, however, really curious about the Antiproton resist scores...
Hmmm... will be digesting that data when I get home- I got 37.9 on plasma and tet with only 2 consoles (omega 2 piece/KHG shield) because of the overlap from ablative and tetrabernium (mk11 commons), my borg console is the 3rd console in the eng group.
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