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*U.S.S. Dresden.*

Ops: Sir, the transponder codes do match those of the Roosevelt.

Tucker: But the Roosevelt vanished over 4 years ago!

Science: It matches every single detail I can pull on the Roosevelt-Class. That is the Roosevelt.

Tucker: Open a channel.

Captain Hill, this is Captain Tucker. Please explain your presence in this system.

Hill: We were responding to the Romulan Holocaust. We didn't get here in time.

Tucker: You're going to have to give me more than that.

Get Admiral Halsey on this channel.

Ops: Aye, sir.
jacob: i know what your thinking captain and im thinking the same thing. Ive been running scans of the ship and everything matchs up perfectly in fact it matchs almost to perfectly. They are in the exact same conditions as when they vanished. something is up captain. Ive called for the Black Sea and the River both to head here immediatly. if something is going on i want all the fire power i can get.