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Officer: sir something tapped into my computer controls just a moment ago.

Jacob walks over. And takes a look.

Jacob: what did it do.

Officer : well I didn't think it did anything. But it did tap into the com system.

Jacob: open a channel to tucker.

Officer: aye sir.

Jacob: captain I want you to listen to there story. We have an issue on the ship we need to deal with. Someone aboard is hacking computer systems.

Jacob: all security personnel code alpha I repeat all security personell code alpha.
Tucker: Captain, you will beam aboard my vessel and explain it to me.

Hill *Over comm*: Understood.

Tucker: We're sending you the coordinates for the Conference Room.

*Tucker turns towards the Conference Room.*

Commander, Mr Danes.

*The First Officer and Security Chief follow him into the Conference Room. Hill beams in, alone, a few seconds later. She's got a bandages cut on her forehead, and isn't wearing her standard Uniform Jacket, instead only wearing her undershirt.*


Hill: Captain Tucker. A pleasure.

*She sits in a nearby seat, as do the Dresden Officers. The Dresden Officers look at her intently, curious. Tucker and Danes look cautious while the First Officer (Martin Colms) remains polite and welcoming.*

Tucker: I believe you were going to offer an explanation?

Hill: This is going to be hard to accept, but the Roosevelt vanished 5 days ago, our time.

Colms: 'Our time'? Are you suggesting that you were--?

Hill: Sent 5 years forward in time, correct. We lost Director Chester, and I was trying to get the ship to Caspian IV to evacuate President Santiago when a Flight of Shedai Warships attacked. The weapons fire must have caused a temporal anomaly to form, because the next thing we know, we're more than 4 years ahead of where we should be, and can't raise anyone on Caspian IV.

Tucker: Caspian IV was evacuated a month ago, Captain.

Hill: Then that would explain it. I need to contact Starfleet Command.

Tucker: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Hill: My crew need Medical Attention! You can't--!

Tucker: Captain, what I mean is that Starfleet Command doesn't exist anymore. Neither does the Federation.

Hill: What?

Tucker: There's a lot we'll have to bring you up to speed on.

Even if I believe you - and that's a very big if, it doesn't explain what you're doing here.

Hill: Like I said, we were responding to the Colony's distress call.

Tucker: You were cloaked when we arrived.

Hill: Captain, put yourself in my position.

Danes: Maria Hill is only a COMMANDER in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hill: And then Director Chester was killed - MURDERED, and my ship were blasted 5 years forward in time! There wasn't a lot of choice!

Tucker: Easy, Captain. No one's trying to point fingers.

Chester *Hill's memory*: Easy, Agent. No one's trying to point fingers.

Tucker: Could you give us a moment?

*The Dresden Officers walk out. Tucker turns to his 2 Senior Officers.*


Danes: I don't buy it! They could be changelings!

Colms: That doesn't explain how their ship is exactly as it was when it disappeared. A temporal incursion would explain that.

Danes: It could be a trick.

Colms: I didn't get any feeling of treachery or dishonesty from Hill. She seemed more... frightened, tense, than anything else.

Tucker: I tend to agree. This doesn't feel like a trick.

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