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Originally Posted by jam3s1701 View Post
I would REALLY welcome some advice on how to take damage without blowing up lol
Well the best tanking build is an Eng in a sci vessel. There are also 3 skill tree items if you want to tank starship Hull plating, Starship armor reinforcement and starship threat control they all add to your passive resistances. I will use one of my builds again as an example.

Basic resistance (With 1 Neutronium Alloy, Starship Hull plating 9, Starship armor reinforcement 3 and starship threat control 9)
Resistances With aux2sif2

Polarize Hull
Hazzard emitters 2
Or all of them but with diminishing returns

The other option is speed tanking by boosting your bonus defence usually with a hyper eng. There are abilities like evasive manuvers That also boost this number as well.

This ship is also a heal boat with development lab scientists and also looking at my regen rate with a nurse doff as well. This build has not done any reputation and has no embassy gear and is therefore not complete.

The problem with focusing on durability is that you have almost no dps to draw agro even with treat control. The nice thing about transphasics is that you get to do more hull damage initially until the shield facing on a cube or donatra drops giving you a bit of priority.

Speed tanking is also hard to do unless you are broad siding in an stf because the targets barely move.

This level of tanking and healing is also not possible on an escort which is completely off track for this thread which is why it has not been mentioned as its focus is on stf's, escorts and damage. this build is more of a pvp healer or a no-win-scenario crowd control freighter healer. Spec'ing is also very different once catered to the direction you are on.

As far as an escort is concerned for not blowing up that is why I use -th embassy consoles and choose crf over csv. When focusing on 1 target at a time you will usually only draw the agro of 1 target. NPCs usually only use focus fire abilities and the last thing you want is 6 spheres shooting at you. It also allows cruisers with FAW to do their tanking job by having more agro. Most escorts can not survive a mob firing on it.

The only other thing to remember is that these ships have firing ranges and if you are 9.97 km away from the gate it cant shoot you. Also the weapons fire follows the same path in both direction. If I am at a stand still My hyper plasma torp will travel on the same path as the borg hyt and they will collide with each other every time (Assuming the borg cube is not moving like in infected or the cure, tac cube move so slow it is like they arnt moving). Also if they collide right next to the cube the AoE from their hyt will do significant damage to the cube. Not only do I not get hit but it back fires on them.

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