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03-07-2013, 12:44 PM
The changes I'm referring to deal with Both Right before, and after the most recent AI upgrade, which came from after the Jem'Hadar escort carrier/Jem'hadar Dreadnought carrier lockbox ships were released.

Prior to the patch that upgraded the AI in an attempt to make their(Jem'hadar Carrier) pets perform better, I could force my BoPs to follow. Then I could force them to attack a target, and if I had them aimed right, I could get them to directly attack the target all at once, with out performing the Circle Maneuver they now perform, that you described, cmdrskyfaller.

How ever, since the Patch was deployed a month or so ago, it's even more difficult to accomplish that as I said in my original topic. Like what has been said, I suspect it deals with their aft Turret. (IF it's aft)

Personally, I feel that each pet should have more specialized AI procedures. For example BoP and Jem'hadar Attack Escorts always trying to attack as a Wing on the same shield facings. BoPs being more prone to attacking from Cloak when able, and cloaking after a pass. Things like that. But that, I feel, might be too complex for them to be able to work in.

Not to mention it would be nice if they improved Pet commands to allow for multi-targeting like before, based on when you summon the pets. But that also I guess is not in their plans for Carrier pets.
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