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03-07-2013, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by crypticfrost View Post
From what I understand, the problem is that this map was not set up properly to have pathing data applied to it. In preparing all the maps that are in the Foundry, this one got skipped by accident.

As to how EXACTLY pathing data is applied, it's a mystery. Some Virtual Adept magick happens and there it is. Seriously, I just don't have the knowledge to provide you any information on how pathing data is applied. You'd need to talk to a programmer or someone else initiated into these mysteries.

Well at least we know what the issue is. Considering the limited amount of interior maps we have to work with, and the fact i know this map is in use in not just mine but a few other missions, any chance you can poke one of the adepts with a stick and try to get it fixed sometime in the future (dont know how busy it is with the lead up to season 8 and all)? The players seem to have accepted the issue but it is still frustrating.
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