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03-07-2013, 02:08 PM
He already addressed his comments on another thread which I think a lot of things were taken out of context from the interview just for an excuse to rage on as usual. He was chuckling half the time as well. Besides we know the buck stops with DStahl anyways... everyone has opinions.

Originally Posted by crypticgeko View Post
So if I make them better, can I get a raise?

There is no plan to Nerf Cannons. NONE!

The question I was asked was basically "my beams are not as good as cannons, can you make them better".

My feeling is that beams are fine. They are WAD and don't need to be made better. The outlier are the cannons, and, in a perfect world (see what I did there), I would bring cannon power drain in line with beams instead of making beams more powerful. The analogy I was suggesting is that if everything good, and one thing is OP, its healthier for the game to bring the OP item down in line with all the other items instead of raising all items to the level of the one OP item.

My comment was suggesting the question should evaluate what the real problem is.

I meant no subtext to suggest if enough players complained, there would be justification to nerf cannons.

Again, we have no plans to nerf cannons in any way. I cant make it any more clear than that.