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*T'mar is in Sickbay with the children. She's still in constant mental contact with them, helping them learn to control their abilities. Andrews is watching.*

Andrews: You're not even slightly worried about the Captain, are you?

T'mar: What do you mean?

Andrews: She collapsed, lieutenant. She almost died.

T'mar: I know. I was there.

Andrews: What did you see in her mind?

*T'mar snaps to look at him.*

T'mar: that, is NONE of your business.

Andrews: When it affects the safety of this ship's Captain and as a result, the crew, it becomes very much my business.

T'mar: Then I suggest you find a medical reason for what happened. Mind Melds count as telepathic contact, and according to Republic Law, telepathic contact of any kind is Personal Information. Unless you want to get a warrant for the information, which would require pressing criminal charges, I don't have to tell you anything.

Andrews: Lieutenant, I'm not arguing with you. Know this, if the Captain appears unable, I have the duty and the power to relieve her of Command.

T'mar: And as Chief of Security, I will subsequently mention in my report your inability to find the cause of her blackout. Are we understood?

Andrews: We are.

*T'mar turns back to the kids as Andrews walks away. Forgetting to block her thoughts, T'mar glances towards him.*

T'mar *Thinking, not realising that the children can to hear her*: Jerk.

*The Republic and Co. arrive at Lanco III after disengaging the Forcefield Solar Sails. The Riker quickly begins swapping the Monitor Satellites with the COS satellites.*

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