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So.. I found my way to the underground ruins, thinking I was doing not only the daily there but also finishing up the romulan tier 5 rep mission.

I fight my way through the caves, doing every objective and even exploring to make sure I didnt miss anything.

Kill the captain and look around for anything else, beam up... WTF?!? Now the tier 5 mission autopops into my journal... and I am locked out of the ruins for 20 hours because I just did the daily mission...

This is some BS...

All I wanted was to finish the rep mission, get my rewards and go on my merry way, but now I have to wait 20 hours to get back into the area, and on top of that I am now going to be doing 2 missions together because you NEED to have the daily to get access to the instance.

How is this in any way a working system? I heard a friend complaining of a similar issue when he did the tier 3, he had forgotten to click on one tiny console and because the daily finished he was locked out.
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