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Originally Posted by robdmc View Post

The questions is do you pvp or pve. pve plasma is definitely preferred.
I have focused on PvE mostly, but have been looking in to PvP here lately. Might look more into PvP once my fleet reaches Tier 4 shipyard (going to be slow, I feel like I have been doing most of the dilithium for the projects but thats a different story on it's own)

As for the Plasma I see what you mean by cheaper and with the added bonus from the Fleet Sci Cons it would add up alot more. Your Skill build that is posted in this thread, would that be Ideal for using plasma, if I decide to try it?

If wondering my Current Build -
The BOFFs are kind of copied from robdmc Screenshots but with a couple tweeks while using the Mobius Destroyer. (No Romulan BOFF's still 1d, 17h till I can get them in fleet)
The AP DHCs and Turrets are all [Borg]
The Sci Consoles are the Fleet Emitter Array Mk X [ShH] [-Th]
Overall survivability I personally feel is a bit better than with my Fleet Patrol Escort, I am accounting that to the LtC Science BOFF.

I also have a Fleet Patrol Escort, Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier, Blockade Escort. I can get a Fleet Tactical Escort at anytime, but have some time till the Fleet Advanced Escort becomes available in my Fleet.

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