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03-07-2013, 03:53 PM
Honestly I don't care about the cloak one way or another. I don't really PVP so for me it is just a wasted console slot something more effective/better could be slotted there.

As to the Federation, it's pretty clear the Federation in this game has taken on a more military type role. Overally it's pretty stupid on their part to be worried about what the Romulans/Klingons care about if they have a cloaking device or are able to get their ships to cloak. Both factions would just be pissy because they no longer have that edge in battle/surprise. From a strategic/tactical standpoint, the Feds are a bunch of idiots for not having their own cloaking technology.

I am strictly speaking from a strategic standpoint, I understand the canon of the game and ST in general, just saying it's incredibly stupid for the Feds to auto-gimp themselves by honoring the treaty in the first place and even now that the planet has been destroyed.

Another curious thought at this point now is why haven't the Borg learned to cloak their ships? You would think after all this assimilated tech they would know how to do that. Imagine a fleet of cloaked Cubes...but I guess that would be the end of STO as we know it.