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03-07-2013, 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
I have noticed there are some in the PVP Message board area that appear to be upset with some comments that Al has made. I'm wondering if perhaps Mr. Rivera should find some time to address this.

I Don't personally feel that he believes all PVPers are "14 year olds with too much time on their hands." as I've been witnessing taken out of context from the original interview.

There are also concerns I have been witnessing about some of the Beam vs. Cannon statements he made that does make it seem like perhaps he's not as familiar with the current meta in Star Trek Online. He states that Beams are fine as they are. And he went so far as to say that "You just need to put more points into Electro Plasma Systems" in reference to making Beams more Viable. When there have been tests and information performed that makes that statement feel as if he is not as informed as he should be in the position that he is in.

All in all, how ever, the Interview was informative. I just get the feeling he might have caused some harm in the way the players who are involved in the Player vs. Player part of the game, as well as the Min/Maxing areas are concerned with some of what he said, and could improve the situation by at least giving a clarification to help reduce any of the ways that his statements were taken the wrong way.

Because letting the hate continue to stew could lead to avenues I don't think any of us want to walk down.
not so much saying they are 14 years old but acting like there 14 years old, because that's what it seems like some do even in PvE you get someone in a STFs blaming another player for not getting optional when in reality it was the person blaming others that thinks team is spelled with an "I" the same applies in PvP its not only a 1v1 but it deals with team play as well IE capture the flag but you have one go off and do there own thing then blames the rest of the team for the loss.