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*OOC: The term for the new shifters are Face Dancers I should give a run down on them some time.. I had 2 exams today so hence my late coming online. So lets carry on as I hope this one has some kind of Face Dancers in it and go ahead if you guys wanna use them.. They are meant to mimic people flawlessly.. So hey I am permitting you guys to have a ton of fun.*

*USS Val is scanning the Roosevelt finding things a bit too perfect... Colin is pacing about his worn jacket open... *

Colin: I will keep every finding we get on my personal channel til we leave the area...

Gorin: Sir are you afraid of something?

Colin: No Lt. Just taking precautions. Something is not sitting right with me...

*Back on Sam's vessel *OOC Forgive me I am burned out to remember the name of it* James walks onto the bridge he is wearing a specialized suit to help him move around... Since his exposure he has faced and seen so much.. A lot of things that make much more sense... His children are incredibley powerful and since they were exposed like he was... He is perhaps the only one that knows that they mean no harm... But he also feels the sting of loss... But the twins make him forget about it for some time as they comfort him the best they can.*

James: *Mental voice that Sam can hear as if he is speaking to her*

Captain a word when you get a chance...

*USS Black Phantom, its retrofit zeta incorporating more recent technology into the vessels design *

*Dorman is watching as he and James share quite a bit in common now... The retrofit is almost finished just a few calibrations to be made to the power systems. *

Dorman: Captain Voporak your mission is to scout into Iconian space and remain undetected we have upgraded your Cloak and gave you stealth systems to cut down on power and emissions... We want you to find out why they are moving transports into the area at increasing amounts.. And find their destination if at all possible... But do not engage...