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Originally Posted by itpalg View Post
O M G does no one even bother to read the replies or even the original post?
Originally Posted by itpalg View Post
I beg to differ.

It is quite obvious that people are not bothering to read with comprehension my original post and replies after it.

I clearly state that I said I changed out boffs and weapons trying different things. The gateway and / or screenshot are not indicative of my 100% all the time setup.

One person even asked about where is tact team when clearly I had already stated I tried a boff with it.

Once again I ask:

Does no one bother to read?

Originally Posted by itpalg View Post

Now I am being berated because I don't understand people?

What is wrong with this community?
What's wrong? Look at the quotes I just posted and tell me you don't have an attitude.

Originally Posted by captainbailey View Post
We all have read the original post its just thats not the issue.
^ And this. We all understand the issues and we have been trying to help you, but you keep spitting in our face.

A great example of this is your little commentary on reginmala's suggestion.

Originally Posted by itpalg View Post
especially when they don't bother to read my posts when I clearly state one thing and they ask why I don't have that one thing that I said I already had....
Originally Posted by itpalg View Post
nd as I said before which no one seems to be able to read, I switched out weapons AND Boffs the second time around (hint: This means I have more than one boff of each type for those of you that can't read; you can't see what I have in my inventory)

Here. So you can understand us better. Just match the corresponding powers to their abbreviations. (Example= TT1= Tactical Team 1. Not hard.)
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