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03-07-2013, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by csgtmyork View Post
What's wrong? Look at the quotes I just posted and tell me you don't have an attitude.

^ And this. We all understand the issues and we have been trying to help you, but you keep spitting in our face.

A great example of this is your little commentary on reginmala's suggestion.

Here. So you can understand us better. Just match the corresponding powers to their abbreviations. (Example= TT1= Tactical Team 1. Not hard.)

All you did was point out what I had already shown that people were ignoring the facts that I had already stated. I don't understand how you can't see this. Why people would tell me to do something over and over when I clearly stated I did it already...etc.

When you have people over and over have blinders to what you say, why would you NOT be very annoyed?

Your previous quote berating me for not understanding acronyms and still saying I have a bad attitude for it ...I am throwing my hands in the air.

I replied to reginamala78 pointing back to previous replies showing how know what I am just repeating myself again. I shouldn't have to in written form. It is there for you to read, but apparently people can't which is why I edited my first post in red.

The first reply was ok, as well as the tractor repulse comments etc.

Most of the other replies are crap, laughing, pointing fingers, derision, sneering, etc.

My comment on acronyms was a simple statement of not understanding. YOU made it more.