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Suggestion 10

This is simply my opinion, but I don't believe that anyone has ever tried the exploration content in STO for the challenge. The fights in the existing exploration missions are a pain; 'kill 5 enemy squadrons' kind of stuff that takes far too long, and feel far too grindy. This is true for both the space and the ground missions.

I would suggest that in any future exploration content, the number of enemies be kept to a minimum. This is, after all, us doing the whole 'To boldly go where no one has gone before' thing; and it seems to me that this is where the encounters should be a little more like the shows, where the 'enemy of the week' was usually represented by a single ship.

To make things more interesting, I'd also suggest there be fewer missions where fighting is the whole point; and more missions where it's something that just comes up while we are doing something else.

For example:

We go to investigate an anomaly of some kind. We launch a few probes, take a few readings; then an alien science ship shows up to investigate the same thing, and isn't willing to share the discovery. There's a fight, we win, and we finish our investigation.

Maybe the enemy ship could even survive the battle, if a little worse for wear; that'd make a nice change.

This could, perhaps, tie into Suggestion 1; with an enemy maybe showing up, or maybe not. Maybe holding a grudge and showing up again in some other mission; or again, maybe not.
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