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03-07-2013, 07:10 PM
I've been on here a lil over two years and it seems like whenever something is about to hit big with neverwinter all the resources are sucked out of CO first then STO to bounce them around to save a few pennies LOL.

Yeah if you had to re-patch sto like I did with this new PC I got you have to turn off the on demand patching or else you'll just get disconnected or piss off other players trying to do missions. Took 7 hours yesterday to get 9 gigs worth patched and now I've been patching the stuff 6 other gigs of patches it tried to devote to the on demand patching so to be nice to fellow players and not taking up a slot to on demand patch something I want to play I'm probally going to not be able to play sto for a few weeks since its patched about 150 megs of the almost 6 gigs of patching in the last 4 hours. I first off wasn't going to spend any money on this game due to broken promises about the KDF. Second I was going to because in the last 3 months of all the disconnects I've recieved. Third now being a LTS player too we should have some priority on these patching issues and disconnect issues but unless I am going to write a check for a gazillion dollars to cryptic they could care less about the customer.