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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
All of these TV ships are at least 50 years old, some much older and long past the time they should have been decommissioned, so I guess they could argue that all of these ships are made available using 25th century technology, so some superficial differences are to be expected.
In some cases, I agree, that is true. In the event that an older class needed some kind of upgrade (ex. the mini-deflector on the Miranda-class rollbar), I can live with that.

Originally Posted by maxvitor
I don't have a problem with the designs... My complaints are for the glaringly obvious flaws, textures that are missing or corrupted, components that are placed off center far enough that it is clearly visible, models with open seams that you can see into if you look closely, things like that.
Seems like people don't really read this stuff...

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