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Literary Challenge #29 : Hello Q...

USS Powhatan

It had been a long week, and Lt Commander Rhonda 'Polekitty' Evans had many hours still to go before she could hit the sack, still it had been a good one. The had been an outbreak of an unknown pathogen on one of the rim colonies, and the Powhatan was the closest ship. Between herself and Dr Mot they had been able to come up with the cause and an antidote as well, though it had taken several days, then seeming countless hours administering the cure. It was good to get a chance to do medicine again, even if Starfleet disagreed and stuck her in command. All that was left was the report writing, you'd think in the future they'd come up with self writing reports by now she thought as she entered her ready room.

"You do not belong here."

She blinked, not recognizing the voice, then as she looked around saw what seemed to be a human not human. It was the female Q. Rhonda had never met her personally but had read about her in a report "Thats what I keep telling them? she says as she walked past Q to the replicator "I'm a doctor not a starship captain. Hot chocolate, with marshmallows."

Q looked annoyed "I don't mean that, I mean you don't belong in this reality-" there was a flash, and then there was two of them, this one she recognized, looking like a human male in a Starfleet uniform. "I thought the continuum had decided to monitor a bit more before coming to a decision?" said Q, a smirk on his face "Yet you seem to be jumping the proverbial gun a bit."

"I am simply gathering information before I make a decision."

"YOU make a decision?" Q smirked, as Q frowned "you know what I mean" she said, crossing her arms.

Rhonda got her mug, taking a sip "anyone else want some?" she asked politely before sitting down on the edge of her desk. Q and Q shook their heads "no thank you, never touch the stuff." Q said, before turning back to Q. "besides shouldn't she have some say in this?"

Q rolled her eyes "You're a fine one to be championing mortals all of a sudden Q" He just crossed his arms "The continuum did ask me to be the defense" he said with a frown "So as a favor, and the fact that I know these primates better than most other Q, I agreed. Starting with it's not like she asked to come here."

"that's true I didn't." Rhonda looked at the Q's. "I'm not unhappy here, but it was Schrodi who opened the dimensional portal and shoved me through, saying I was needed elsewhere. If you've a problem with it, why don't you take it up with her?"

Q looked sour, shaking her head "That blue...incomprehensible, quantumcatgirl freak..." Rhonda actually laughed a bit "Oh so you did meet her..ya know when she merged with her duplicates in the multi verse back in my home reality, I'm not surprised that she ended up a Q."

"She's NOT a Q!"Q said haughtily.

"Yet" Q narrowed her eyes and glared at Q "Maybe in a few milennia she may have matured, anyway that is beside the point. There is enough people popping in and out, playing with alternate dimensions as if they were a carnival fun ride, to have someone meddling and stick you in this reality..."

"One that on your home, was not real." there was a flash, She was on her bridge, except it wasn't. The consoles were dark, the walls made of plywood and plastic foam "The world you came from was much more savage and brutal than even the mortals in this dimension are." There was another flash, and the three of them were standing on a street corner in what looked like Chicago. There were police sirens and crime scene tape across the street, yet another gang shooting. Q pulled a newspaper out of a vending machine "War, rumors of war, fear, death, such a pleasant world." Q just smirked "This is your home, not the marginally improved dimension of Starfleet" she said , leaning back as across the street the corner pulled a sheet over a young body.

"True, but it's a dangerous and violent universe, from single celled organisms on up." Rhonda said as she sipped her hot chocolate "I've been doing my best to protect and heal people as much as I can, anyway I can."

"That is true" said the other Q. There was another flash, and they were in a different city, seemingly impossibly tall skyscrapers in the background, here and there there could be seen colorfully clad humanoids flying in the distance. Q was dressed in Polekitty's old costume, revealing black and white tights, standing on the edge of the building, while Q continued "You did at that. Risking your life over and over again, for those that feared and hated you, jumping into the fray, for truth, justice and all that of lofty ideals..that muscle bound freaks spouted before pounding each other with locomotives."

Q looked down at herself "I don't see how you could wear this without falling out of it" while Q floated behind her, his Starfleet uniform changed to red and blue tights, cape fluttering dramatically in the wind, a giant 'Q' on his chest. "Millennium City might not be what you're used to , but you would fit in here, you could go back to being the 'Perky Polekitty', or whatever they called you."

She stared out at the folks flying, then shook her head "that's part of my past now, I like what I'm doing, and besides, no one looks good in spandex, I don't care what they say."

There was another flash, another reality shift. She was back on a starship bridge, but a darker one, and emptier. Q bowed dramatically "If you prefer to be in space, perhaps this might be more suited to you."Rhonda just took another sip, her mug of hot chocolate now a wine glass, her uniform tunic a crimson red, sporting a skull and crossed bones, with a long flowing cape and boots that came up to her knees. "love the boots, but not really a cape sorta person. They get snagged too easy."

The female Q looked exasperated "Why are you even offering her choices? It's impossible for her to comprehend the ramifications of the situation."

Q just smiled "But you did ask me to be her defense counsel" he said, shifting his appearance again, dressed in a long black robe, with a powdered wig "Though I must say, most Starship captains I have dealt with are more..annoyed."

"Sorry to disappoint you" she said as she stood up, cape swirling around her feet. "But this is neither here nor there, if you were going to exile me , or remove me totally from this reality you'd just do it. You're so far up the evolutionary chain from us, I mean, if I picked up an ant on the tip of my finger. If I put it down again, and it asks another ant, "what was that?, how would it explain?"

"Don't sell your kind too short, you're perhaps a little slightly more advanced than ants." Rhonda squeaked as there was another flash, and she found herself a skunk sitting on the chair. "Perhaps we should just leave you like-AACK!"

Q had quickly stepped to the side as Rhonda sprayed Q, Q rubbing her eyes and coughing as Q smirked "you should have expected that Q, you're slipping."

There was another flash, and Q was dry again, Rhonda back to herself. She glared "You're right, put a primitive brain full of mush into a much smaller container, and of course all you'll get is instinctual actions.." She glared at Rhonda "and why are you taking this so calmly?"

"What good would it do to get upset?" Rhonda asked "All that does is not let you think clearly, the time to have a panic is after a situation is over." She looked down into her mug "No one ever asks for what happens to them, life is what happens when you make other plans. I never wanted to be bitten by a mutated radioactive skunk when I was 13, never wanted to be a hero, never wanted to be kicked in the butt through a portal to another world. But that's what happens, and that's what I had to deal with. Whatever you two decide, I'll deal with that too." She turned to Q and smiled at her "It's kind of like this. The Continuum is a mystery. And I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the universe, that we have not yet explained everything. The fact that you're here, gives me hope."

"Hope? How do you mean?"

"It's simple really. Maybe it's because I'm at heart a medic. Infinitely advanced beings who claim to be looking down on us...yet you continually intervene, poke, prod, annoy, and watch to see that we're doing the right thing. Could be it is just to protect yourselves..but it also could be that you see promise. Not in my lifetime, or my future children's lifetime, but someday."

Q had a smirk on his face, and the reality shifted again. He sat across from Q and Rhonda in her ready room. "I think the defense rests" Said Q. Q said nothing, the both of them silent for a moment, then Q stood up, arms behind her back. "You can stay, the Continuum will allow you to remain, though we will be watching." there was a flash and she was gone.

"Well, I think that was rather successful" Said Q. Rhonda just shook her head and went to refill her hot chocolate "I did most of the talking, you were trying to get rid of me it sounded like."

"What, you wanted that I should have made it easy for you?"

She just smiled "Nothing worthwhile ever is." Sitting down behind her desk, she picked up one of the PADDs with the waiting reports. "I really have to get these done unless you need something else."

Q shook his head "you've muddled through well enough I suppose, though I should warn you I'll probably check up on you from time to time, just to make sure we made the right decision."

She just smiled to herself as he vanished "Drop by anytime" she said, then got back to work.

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