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03-07-2013, 11:26 PM
I did some experiments trying to figure out what might be happening with beams and it seems like it MAY just be a major problem with Phasers. I only say that as it did not seem to effect my Anti-proton trials as severely though even those seemed slow.

What I did was to remove all my weapons except 1 beam and timed it.

Over the 4 second cycle of a beam firing it is instead firing as...

pulse, pulse, pause, pulse, pulse

Its that middle pause which seems to be throwing the DPS as its not just the effect but that pause is about half a second without firing and thus the pulses before and after are shortening to fit it in to the cycle.

Activating Fire at Will does still increase the fire rate to 5 Pulses per 4 seconds but they are still cutting short so their is a tiny little pause at the end of each pulse.

Once you see it happen, its noticeable even when running all beams.

- Raith