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03-08-2013, 12:44 AM
I'll play yours if you play mine :-D

It's a two parter, neihter are very long.

Preservers of Nevara
Fate of The Nevara


I Finished your mission and I really enjoyed it. It was subtle, it didn't feel like it was trying to be epic, it was just a great mission with smooth transitions and good combat - A great first timer mission.

The only things that stuck out to me was the reach marker during the "Approach the system" objective, I really had to search around for the hot spot on that marker, might want to make it bigger. The second thing was naming assets, which is something I was just critiqued on myself, particularly your mobs, it's a little disconnecting when the enemy is titled "Romulan Captain Male 01". The third thing is, and maybe I overlooked something in the plot, but when you beam back to your ship the station and planet is gone. Again, maybe I missed some text explaining how it was destroyed or something (I accidently click through a couple of dialogue boxes before I was able to finish reading them) but I was expecting to see the planet and the station again after beaming up instead of an empty space map.

Overall though it was a great mission, spot on grammar, great dialogue, I was totally immersed with the exceptions of the small technical stuff made above. I think it would be a quick and easy fix for you though.

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