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03-08-2013, 01:32 AM
A little refit:

I changed a few things, thats because: Tachyon Beam has been nerfed to oblivion. Its a pretty laughably skill now.
Hull plating skill is ridiculously low, even a neutronium alloy console gives you more resistence (unfortunately).
EPS is maxed out, because more EPS means more EptSubsystems and faster energy recharge.
The directed energie modulation is also pretty useless, because after it wears of, you have to get through the opponents shields anyway.

On this ship I would use Dual Beams and turrets. Use energy siphon to boost your power (use the permanently). Cycle EptW and EptS.
Fly with 125 aux, that way your sci abilities are more powerful and energy siphon stays active for 23,3 sec instead of just 18 or so. With EptW and ES you can effectivelly boost you Weapons above 125 that way.

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