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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
They're not so pathetic if you're still at the Commander level and staring down a D'D for the first time in a Horizon-class. I know NPCs scale with effectiveness as you level, but even so, for new players in stock-class ships a D'D can be pretty scary.
Thats pretty much correct. But they follow a pattern, and I had never any problems with any ship I have encountered. Its not that most people are too stupid to defeat it, its just that many people dont wont to think about something and instead have someone explaining (or doing) it for them. Or they blame other ones for their own failure. And thats a habit I simply cant stand. I am a Mentor in my fleet and are happy to explain things, but only to ppl that are open for suggestion.

The funniest line I have ever heard in TS was "STO is so complex", but while it has many fascets, I find (or found) it pretty easy. But some people want a tutorial for every new mission they have to do. And thats, well...

The thing you need for STO, every other game and life is common sense, unfortunately it seems many people have lost it.

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