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03-08-2013, 02:08 AM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Very nice app, Patarmarkan.

It's true I prefer the large wallpapers featuring all ships, but this is still very nice and useful.

What help would you need?
I like the charts as well but wanted to have the possibility to compare ships without having to scroll like a boss...
I see this as addition to the charts.

At this time I only have about one hour a day to play the game and develop this app.
So what is needed is some help to make the graphics of the missing ships to speed up the development.
Especially Loby-store and Lockbox-ships would be nice to have.
I already tried to contact spidermitch for the permission to use his work - he didn't answer yet though.

Today I added an assimilated android to the page.
Its a direct download-link to a small android app - merely some browser-app I created for myself with a link to the site.
Maybe others consider it useful as well.

Watch out for my Starship Comparator app at or